25866 Juniper Flats Rd.
Homeland, CA 92548
25866 Juniper Flats Rd.
Homeland, CA 92548
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“As a young therapist, I viewed not only my clients, but myself as broken, wounded, and damaged. I put a lot of time and effort into “fixing” things and people. It was exhausting! Now, as a seasoned clinician with deeper understanding, I see things differently. I believe we all come into the world like a seed. A seed that already knows how to be a mighty oak or a sunflower. If that tree or flower isn’t growing or flourishing, we don’t blame the seed or the plant. We look to see what weeds might be choking it or where water might not be reaching thirsty roots. You are no different! Negative messages or experiences might be keeping you from reaching your potential and I want to help you weed them out so you can shine!”

“After over two decades of sitting with people and their stories, I have learned to trust that no matter how bad a behavior may look on the outside, that deep down, the intent of the person is good. I’m not saying the action is good….. just the intent. Because of this, you will never experience judgment in my office. Whatever behavior or symptom is presenting is simply a clue for us to know where we need to weed or water. As an example, the bully deep down really wants to be seen, to belong, and to stop feeling helpless inside. The person who is cutting wants to find a way to express their pain. If we can look beyond the behavior to the intent, magic happens. Our needs can be met in healthier ways. Self love can finally flourish.

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We are looking to expand. If you consider yourself both a licensed and experienced professional in addition to being a gifted healer, we want to hear from you! Neytiri has a burning desire to connect with a seasoned clinician with a passion for working with Dissociative Identity Disorder and complex PTSD so there are also unique opportunities for mentorship, training, observation, and personal growth.

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