25866 Juniper Flats Rd.
Homeland, CA 92548
25866 Juniper Flats Rd.
Homeland, CA 92548
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Destruction Ahead

Expect Fear, Confusion, Anger, Depression, But Eventually Peace & Joy

What is a Healing Haven?

My dream is to provide a space where people feel safe and where they feel like they belong. While the center is still expanding, please believe that every effort has been made to make sure you can show up here and relax into becoming the very best version of you.

The world needs us to live our true intentions and be our true selves now more than ever. My deepest desire is that this haven will aid you in shedding the blocks that keep your full light from shining. My unique approach of combining sound clinical skills with the magic of intuition will help you get there in the quickest and least invasive way possible.

What is Ubuntu Healing Haven all About?

Ubuntu is an African greeting. It will be further explained more on this site, but for now, it’s meaning is about being seen for who we are at our deepest level. As a healer, my gift is to see past your symptoms, your addictions, your pain and see to the essence of you. The invitation is to come and truly be seen while building a community of like minded people who can also see and support and celebrate the new you.

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25866 Juniper Flats Rd.
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